Peter Dawson spent yesterday and today with Larry Beston off Port Fairy. Didn’t see a scale yesterday but scored six in quick succession today in the same area. All fish were caught “blind” and no birds were working. Five on small surface skirts and one on a Rapala 30. Depth was 600 to 900 metres. peterdawson tuna

Adrian Azzopardi fished with best mate Frank Bertone today with as many albacore as desired, getting their 10 and releasing 8 plus losing plenty, also getting 3 bluefin and losing 3 – what a day!IMG_4708

Ben Murrihy and Tony McIlroy had a sensational day on the bluefin and albacore off Port Fairy on Tuesday.IMG_4694 IMG_4695 IMG_4696

Yesterday was actually slow going in the area we fished off Warrnambool, the same area that was teeming with life 10 days earlier.  We headed out wider, to about 1200-1300m, 70kms from home, and while there were still minimal signs of fish, we had a triple hookup and a double hookup on nice albies, bringing 4 in, up to a tick under 20kg.  The sea was magnificent.  There was again birdlife and bait in 90m as there was both coming in and going out last week, and late yesterday afternoon the birds were really hitting the water in this area, but none of the 3 boats had any hookups here, only seeing dolphins.  Mick Meric back at the ramp had a ripping mixed bag off the bottom, with large flathead, painted latchets, knifejaw, and school shark.  Peter and Helen Bartlett got a couple of sensational crays in the dropnets after work too.IMG_4697
IMG_6877 IMG_4698

Portland fished well again yesterday with boats reporting huge numbers of albies, and bluefin mixed in as well.  Pictured here is Mark Stewart with some of their catch of tuna and albies.IMG_4700 IMG_4701 IMG_4702