And what about Port Mac today, joining in the party with some dolphinfish and a samsonfish to add to the mix of what has been one of the most memorable and successful tournaments on record. 10346318_629045310499750_3652105391611866355_n 10177258_629045290499752_4310397903927020580_nAndrew Westlake,  Rob Voglino, and Roy Mapleson bagged out in 200m off Warrnambool today, to the west, all blind trolling, best lures being the purple x-rap, Pakula micro uzi, purple zuker and Jaks Rigid Reggie.  Rhookie and Goodie found them right in close.IMG_4906 IMG_4907 IMG_4908 IMG_4909 IMG_4910

Brad Parkinson, fishing with Jack Auld, landed a nice barrel today which just eclipsed Luke Smith’s of the day before by a kilogram, pulling the scales down to 110kg.984064_10201928234144088_7187112227918978146_n

Portland Fishing Charters were right amongst the action today, with Shannon putting his customers onto a barrel and bringing it aboard.1797476_569943016452470_8408940826607918174_n

Here is the second barrel in 2 days that Marco and Aleks have been a part of… 10344828_569943043119134_7338461452203358019_n

And this was another barrel out of Portland today.  Port Fairy also saw plenty of tuna caught, in close straight in front of the lighthouse.10177938_10203655479529657_2065336741446584277_n