Andrew Borg and crew landed TWO barrels today at Portland off Cape Bridgewater in about 70m, one around 70kg, and the other 135kg, bled.10314607_849305675083809_3923564876261224579_n 10322791_496808857088012_6290510241945265585_n

Matt Hunt Fishing Services had a good day on the schoolies off Portland today.10289934_631361860288338_4729362485849628790_n

Shaun Giblin sent us in this pic of his catch.20140510_194845

Yesterday aboard Cassius Cray we launched out of Warrnambool but ended up between Julia Percy Island and Port Fairy based on reports from the day before, with tuna from 43-47m, plenty of surface action but they were quite finicky, only ending up with 3 small school-size tuna.  Word was that they were right on the go earlier on in the day in that area.  The fourth photo below is the catch from another boat off Port Fairy yesterday.  As we came back into Warrnambool, just out the front of Lady Bay, there were heaps of birds sitting on the water, which according to one onlooker had been diving throughout the day, and with his binoculars from the breakwater he had seen tuna busting the surface.  They were in that close a couple of years ago, so it would not surprise.  Portland seemed to have reports mostly of school size tuna as well yesterday.IMG_4911 IMG_4914 IMG_694410170862_10154083505345333_6647479830016517525_n


Here’s Derek Burn with a tuna from Port Fairy – fishing with Peter Goode and Ben Pohlner off Port Fairy on Saturday, they had a great day, bagging out in close.IMG_4915