Sharkmen Charters at Portland landed this barrel today a tick under 100kg, as well as some smaller ones, and there are reports of a couple lost as well.10399449_730866373643781_6329951078936222611_n

Scott Gray had some good fun casting at the tuna in 50m off Port Fairy today in the Seacruiser 5600CC, there were plenty of them eating everything he threw at them.10460412_250070921855627_8949321185762273191_n

Rhooky and Youngy headed out for a bottom fish off Port Fairy today, on their way they caught a couple of tuna in 48m, and the highlight off the bottom was this school shark which was close to 27kg, losing another one boat side and getting bitten off a couple of times as well.IMG_5338

Yesterday Port MacDonnell Fishing Charters caught 30 tuna by 10:30 and then bottom bounced for 3 school shark, 3 gummy shark and also busted a couple off.  Tuna were also caught in close at Portland and Port Fairy.

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The Hopkins River is producing some nice bream for anglers at the moment, and whilst driving over the Hopkins Bridge near the mouth on Saturday Arvo I saw an angler with a mulloway that would’ve been close to legal size, if not over.  The lower reaches of local streams have seen some nice trout being caught as well, as shown here by Scott Gray.10524327_249868601875859_6828306804476576474_n