Father and son Alex and Thiago Pimentel had the fight of a lifetime this morning off Port Fairy on a jumbo tuna, bringing it beside the boat after a 4 hour battle, where one final dive and the fish won its freedom.  The big tuna took an 8-inch Tsutomu Glow Bullet lure.  Well done guys, especially on managing a few pics as well.859273_602929043136505_4377378943711053642_o 1048828_602929013136508_5952753019436215640_o 1604762_602928996469843_3565227600383037052_n

Don got his first tuna aboard Time Out Fishing off Port Fairy today:IMG_4753

Colin Dobson and Greg Beatty got some ripper blue eye yesterday of Port Mac, and today also had multiple makos.IMG_4744

Down at the Hopkins River this afternoon, water testing a new Anglapro Getaway 424 Pro, and just as we were back at the ramp young Jye Wilson, making the most of his school holidays, caught and released this nice 34cm bream off the jetty, which fought well on the light gear, so there are plenty of options other than out deep offshore!IMG_1396