More big tuna from Port Mac today… this one went 158.95kg!11157910_10152708238931244_2006682906_n 11149053_10152708250236244_7379947_n 11146061_10152708250241244_205252246_n 11139572_10152708250261244_1542047463_n

Matty Cook fished Port Fairy today with Zeb and Kel McKinnon and Jeff Dimech with their first tuna. Loads of fish around but pretty finicky.IMG_3825 copy IMG_3016 copy IMG_1467 copy

A bit more detail from Rhooky’s barrel on Tuesday – Youngy decided to throw in a rod that he had purchased a year or two ago for the grand total of $15, which never gets a run due to his other high quality gear.  They gave it a run, with a small green lure bought that morning to maybe catch a school fish or two, no leader or hook upgrades.  Cometh the barrel, and guess which outfit it took!  Youngy didn’t inform Rhooky this tale of the rod until about an hour into the fight (after Youngy parted ways with his part of the double hook-up).  With 200-plus metres of scuffed line, bent rollers, and a fishing rod stretched to every ounce of its capacity, Rhooky was getting nervous and backed the drag off a little.  They also had to fight with a huge seal boatside to get it in.  The rod will be retired and framed!  With Rhooky showing the benefits of his recent health kick, it’s also the first fish he’s caught heavier than him…… just!IMG_7027

It’s nice when customers swing by the shop to remind us of what’s on offer just out in our local waters!IMG_7026

The inshore tuna action at Port Fairy is still going strong – today they are visible from shore at the Passage.  Here’s Scotty – straight into them this morning.11137115_341685629360822_4952968184273323298_n

These photos are from Peter’s Port Fairy trip yesterday in his Stabi 1850 Supercab.IMG_7020 IMG_7021