An eventful day aboard Cassius Cray yesterday, we headed to the shelf off Port Fairy, caught a few blue eye while drifting for a mako, but upon seeing birds diving nearby, wound up and set a spread of lures unsure if it was tuna or not.  After a little while we had one hookup but it got off, but we were almost certain it was a tuna.  Next we saw them busting out of the water and needless to say were keen for another hookup, which came not long afterwards and we boated one which ended up weighing 22.45kg bled, gutted and gilled, so it would’ve been around the 25kg mark, a good solid fish.  For the next couple of hours we followed them around unable to tempt them to take another lure, had them busting metres from the boat, had the school basically sitting underneath and around the boat at rest while we cast metal lures, sluggos, surface poppers, and jigged, still unable to get another hookup.  Frustrated, but happy with the one on board, we re-started another drift but didn’t raise a mako in the next couple of hours.  We had started in 450m and by the time we finished following the tuna around had travelled another 7nm and were in about 900m.  A total glass out and magnificent day to be on the water.

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