Shane Sanders and Brodie Carter tagged and released a nice mako (measured 2150mm est 85-90kg) off Portland on Saturday.  They suspected that this fish had been previously sattelite tagged due to markings on the dorsal fin (see pic below). They took pics and sent them to Dr Paul Rogers of SARDI who heads the migratory patterns of mako sharks sattelite tagging program. He went through his data and pics and can confirm that this is 1of 8 fish he sat tagged in the Great Australian bight in the March/april of 2008. The markings being identical to the size of tag used and position on the dorsal. This is awesome info as to the survival rate of tagged fish post release and only the third time in the world that a sattelite tagged mako has been recaptured. The boys were also thrilled with this recapture as it provides valuable information relating to the migratory patterns of mako sharks in Australia.  Paul will endeavour to narrow down which of the fish it is in the coming weeks but all of the 8 sharks showed similar movements for the time the tags were transmitting. The sattelite tag had deployed from the fish. They placed a NSW dpi tag which can be seen pre release. If you happen to catch a mako this season check the fish for any dorsal marks or tags. Cheers.10868235_319935831531024_2450307329922352726_n 881 879953294

Ash Pilkington and TJ Symons also caught a nice mako off Portland on Sunday, which dragged the scales down to 93.6kg. 10171829_10153101606068149_569920445122923108_n 1380548_10153101606108149_5684637096184026829_n 64283_10153101606173149_8057053696405324918_n

Kev McLoughlin ventured down to the South-West as well, also fishing off Portland on Sunday with Ashley Dance and Andrew Moffat.  They hooked a nice mako early in the day, and after a couple of jumps early on it eventually became tail-wrapped and unfortunately died during the fight, when they were intending on tagging and releasing it.10806271_10204941595395622_7913039838651557360_n IMG_6275

Ryn Mitchell caught a 1.5m gummy shark in 41m off Port Fairy yesterday on Jason Magilton’s boat which he was pretty happy with! IMG_6271 IMG_6272

Harry, Cookie and Burnsy fished off Warrnambool and got this nice schoolie.IMG_0261 copy

Matty Cook caught several calamari off Port Fairy yesterday.  Scotty Gray got amongst a couple of gummies drifting off Port Fairy.IMG_6273