A big day’s fishing off Warrnambool today.  On Cassius Cray we had a quick dive just behind the breakwater this afternoon after work, grabbing a feed of abalone and one small crayfish.  Abalone everywhere, the battle was getting them over the legal size of 13cm.  Also saw a couple of female crays which are out of season.  Ordinary conditions, pushy and low visibility.IMG_5556 IMG_5560 IMG_5561


Terry Beasley and crew caught plenty of tuna in 60m off Warrnambool, also catching a mixed bag off the bottom including a saw shark.IMG_5557 IMG_5558


Peter and Helen Bartlett with Brian aboard Just Cruisin had a top day off Warrnambool, 3 gummies with the best at 12kg and 3 snapper with the best at 4.7kg.IMG_5562 IMG_5563





Johnny Knox with Jason and Nate Monaghan caught this ripper snapper off WarrnamboolIMG_2451




Aboard Ash Pilkington’s boat the boys caught 3 gummies, as well as this nice nannygai.



Across at Port Fairy, Goody took out Rhooky and Ben Pohlner, and the fellas had a great day bagging out on tuna.IMG_20140816_130752 IMG_20140816_122958 IMG_20140816_121610 IMG_20140816_102616


Branden Natrass caught a mixed bag around at Bridgewater. Birds were diving everywhere around there, they hooked up but go spooled so it was big whatever it was – so they went and had a bottom bash. Fishing with Steve Nattrass and his mate Troy Greed.natrass

Sean Blake and Camilla had a top afternoon yesterday off Port Fairy: “Early arvo start out of Pt Fairy. Found good birds and plenty of tuna out past 60m. Finicky at 1st but came on later in the day. As usual Camila drew 1st blood but I fought back for the boys, landing a couple late arvo. Took the new 7′ Sakura 4-piece travel rod for it’s 1st run and very impressive. Travel rods aren’t what they used to be!  One of the best days of the season, so much life out there!”sean-1 Camila New rod-1