Richie Abela had 5 days of fishing in Apollo bay with friends and family, with 6 barrels landed! Here are some high res photos over the 5 days, with Sam muscat, Donny Phang, Julian Coyne, Horace Cutajar and Manuel Gomez . Clearly a very memorable 5 days over the week and a half and a big congratulations to Manuel Gomez and Horace Cutajar on their first Barrels 132kg and 95kg fish.11110445_668090419995028_5227880352569479922_o 11708063_668082623329141_2327860430414876693_o 11999710_668083786662358_405548822993012774_o 12017681_668085169995553_4309688971722185512_o 12028749_668086293328774_2366250735071346601_o 12028900_668087703328633_6756980175100722664_o 12029749_668095719994498_2354327033918432294_o 12034181_668084129995657_8480389918904633575_o 12034308_668085543328849_7958334558886706321_o