What a weekend it was on the Tuna front with fish caught from the rip and right down along the west coast! Some great fish have been taken up to 30kg on a rage of methods. Trolling lures such as Rapala Xrap 20’s, 30’s, and Long casts, plus skirts such as Black Magic Jet Setters and Pakula Micro Uzi’s has been killer. Those throwing stickbaits had some solid sessions with the stand out lures being Maria loaded’s and Rapala Xrap shallows. Portland turned it on and anglers found fish holding from Lawrence rock to Julia reef and the average size here was quality with most fish in the 18-31kg range. Zach Zammit, along with his brother and father had a great trip down to Portland. Keeping five fish between them, the boys continued to catch and release several more quality tuna. Many other anglers had a great weekend down here and it certainly seems to be the most consistent area over the last few weeks.

Warrnambool turned it on with most fish holding relatively close to the ramp. Rhooky has been putting a few on the deck keeping everyone happy. With plenty of fish pushing east, keep an eye off Warrnambool for numbers of fish.