The crews of Morning Glory, Snoop Dog and Cassius Cray had a good day off Warrnambool in today’s glorious weather out over the 1000m line with mostly albies and Morning Glory also caught half a dozen bluefin up to about 25kg. On Cassius Cray, all 5 of our albacore took the lure that Leigh Anderson hand-made in his garage this week, his first ever attempt at lure-making and they wouldn’t take anything else, it was set back in the shotgun position. 23 24

The Magiltons had all lures taken with the standout being a little pink skirt in the shotgun position also.
20 21 22

Portland also produced plenty of fish, both tuna and albies, although some did find the going a bit slow.

Our albies were kept pristine in the saltwater slurry with the subzero flake ice from Richardson Marine. Drop in to the shop any time to get some.25