Jimmy Taylor took his father-in-law out on the weekend for his first tuna.  In an alloy boat rather than one of his hand-crafted timber boats!  This fish took the Purple Samaki 140.


Moses Stromvall-O’Brien and Fergus McCoy took the day off school today to go fishing with their Dad’s out of Port Fairy and caught their first Tuna. The boys were pumped!IMG_7503

Heath Bourke and Berkley Muldoon caught plenty of tuna on the weekend.IMG_7505 IMG_7504

Paul Ford got amongst the tuna again today off Warrnambool. This one took his new Samaki 140 “Double-Deep” in “slimy” colour. With the tuna full of small blue bait, this smaller lure was the right pick. We have plenty in stock and they are only $19.50.IMG_5780