“Barrel-mania” continues at Portland, with several awesome captures today.  Brad Parkinson and crew of Benjamin Haynes and Daniel Sullivan landed 2, one at 88kg and one 128kg!11866365_10204808154180289_3244973271267874885_n 11880438_10204808051737728_9097090997975271840_n 11904667_10204807312679252_8606444260410306630_n

Brett Cooter, Thomas Kitchin and Jack Olver with Simon Rinaldi and Matty Harris landed this beauty today.11866320_926085267428806_6103512947478128763_n


Aboard Matt Hunt’s charter these were 55kg and 105kg, and they lost a few as well.  I’m sure the “double barrel” hook-up provided some interesting moments!11755417_871727802918408_7219939149228813860_n 11873510_846677038762021_6527412311890888698_n