Jimmy Taylor’s personalised JAKS lure did well yesterday off Port Fairy, accounting for 4 of their 10 tuna landed.11745319_872381449508205_3497797732390956596_n 11745377_872381446174872_590434924380822419_n

Here’s a great pic of one of Scotty Gray’s from yesterday, also off Port Fairy.11235803_373793489483369_1609743439739435886_o

Here’s a pic of Zeb and Ty Mckinnon from yesterday off wbool fishing with Matty Cook, with the results of a double hook up, with the Samaki divers doing the job.IMG_1887

And here are a couple of pics from “Intruder” yesterday, including Anthony Smith’s first tuna and some nice gummy and school shark.11752424_1605012876437840_321485060783779444_n 11760207_1605012896437838_3816127318488192148_n