Friday and Saturday saw Port MacDonnell fire right up with plenty of barrels caught.  One of the best stories has to be Peter Goode’s, who got a phone call at work in Warrnambool Friday morning from Ashley Dance after a double hook-up who suggested he do his best to get over there.  Goody sorted the afternoon off work, quickly convinced mate Jan to come along and they hitched up the boat and hit the road.  Launching at 4pm, within a few minutes of putting the lures in they had a triple hookup, with only 2 of them on board, and they each boated their first barrels as night fell, at 99 and 121 kilo’s.  Great effort!IMG_8739

Cassius Cray made the trek across the border as well yesterday, praying that the bite continued for one more day in order to catch the fish we’d been trying for for about 8 years and thousands of litres of fuel and a few heartbreaks along the way… Trolling west of Port Mac in 50-80m, early in the day we had a double hookup, one of which pulled the hooks, but Leigh’s fish was successfully boated after about an hour and there were high fives all round, later pulling the scales down to 123kg.  We were content with that, but the day was young and we thought we’d try and get me one as well.  We had 2 more hookups, one of which pulled the hooks again, but the last one stuck and the stubborn 97kg fish took about 2.5 hours to land, after which it was home time, both fish looked after with a few big bags of our flake ice and all the meat is accounted for between many eager family and friends.  A great day!  It really was an amazing day, while we were hooked up there were 4 other boats hooked up within a couple hundred metres of us, and the radio chatter about double hookups etc, was like the usual talk of school fish, but it was barrels!IMG_8710 2 IMG_8709 2 IMGP0749 IMGP0759 IMG_8727 2 IMG_8728 2 IMGP0764 IMGP0767 IMGP0758

IMGP0755Paul McDowall caught his first one at 103.5kg as well, and these guys also dropped a very big one, which after 3 hours on 37kg was still doing what it wanted.IMG_8740IMG_1383

Plenty others were caught – I think about 25 were weighed for the day at Port Mac alone on Saturday.IMG_8738 IMG_8735

Sandra Martin yesterday with the crew of Rob, Olivia, Lee and Travis Moloney caught this 123 kg barrel off Port Fairy – a fish of a lifetime and plenty of trips went into this one, well done!IMG_8746 IMG_8745 IMG_8744 IMG_8743

This one was caught at Port Fairy too.


Apollo Bay and Portland also saw a few caught.

Jason Magilton had a great day on the sharks off Port Fairy yesterday.IMG_8732 IMG_8731

Jono McKean did well also, at Warrnambool.11223564_1170840492933411_6535582807550501988_o