Jacko knocked off early and with Joe and Ross out of Geelong got in the chilly waters of South Port Phillip Bay for a good bag of scallops.UntitledThey also got a surprise which could’ve been nasty with this blue-ringed octopus occupying one of the scallop shellsPhoto 21-06-13 8 42 28 PMHugo was a great apprentice deckie:Photo 21-06-13 4 55 08 PM

This whopping 28kg school shark was caught out of Port Fairy today, as was the 8kg cuttlefish below it.Photo 21-06-10 11 44 08 AM1016659_156207541229238_660621309_n

Portland was quiet with a couple of nice gummies, morwong, nannygai and flathead at the tables.