Stephen McQuinn and crew caught this one after a 4 hour battle, not to mention the one they lost earlier in the day after 2 hours!IMG_8486 IMG_8487

Robert Sweeting and Noel Galea hooked onto this 88kg bluefin out from the lighthouse at Portland also.IMG_8488

This one was caught aboard “Barrel Buster” (Fish On Charters) – angler is Matt Adams, fish was 92.7kg, which they got in in just under 20 minutes.IMG_8485

Dylan Wolter aboard Stickface pulled in this barrel this morning, weighing 98.2kg bled.11900043_1616299028642558_1900839120584052537_n

Julian Dickeson’s crew landed this one this morning.IMG_8483

Miles O’Connor caught this beauty, which pulled the scales down to 132.4 kg.11882811_466102333572253_6060891677725422191_oAndy Smith from Ebb Tide Adventures caught this ripper today as well – good stuff Andy!11875069_1217744804908298_2622622365447179956_o