Tenaya has been out fishing with Dad Trent Schiller today. She caught this lovely Chinook Salmon at Bullen Merri. Great work!


Ed and Rhookie took a trip out bottom fishing off Warrnambool in the Seacruiser 7000HT, seeing tuna on the way out in 70m around a temp break and stopping to catch one, and seeing them again in the same area on the way in.  Their highlights off the bottom were these 2 nice schoolies.IMG_5426

Luke Smith and TJ Symons found plenty of tuna today off Port Fairy.  They are thick from 45-55m.  Their day included fighting one on 2kg line for 2 hours, having it beat, only to have it pull the hook 15 metres from the boat.   Scotty Gray also caught good numbers today.10471266_815139738505825_6330010150122380130_n

Paul Ford caught more perch today at Nelson.IMG_5429