The Graham boys got into the tuna again over the weekend off Port Fairy.IMG_6572 IMG_6573 IMG_6574

Mark Gercovich and his young lad enjoyed some tuna as well, caught in 18 metres at Portland, continuing his amazement of this early season run of fish we are having in close.LK1

The Johnstone boys went off Port Fairy on Saturday and caught 10 sharks for the day – 2 blue sharks, 4 7-gillers, 1 school shark and 3 gummies, the best gummy went 18.5kg which Hugh caught.IMG_6585 IMG_6586

Antony Ljubic broke a recent form lapse with a nice feed off Warrnambool Sunday morning.IMG_6587

Rhooky, Mouse and Stewy Titnus had a drift for a few pinkies late on Sunday.IMG_5154

Isaac Johnstone and crew had a good day out wide off Port Fairy on Saturday with 4 gummies.IMG_6576

Warrnambool’s Sean Blake and girlfriend Camilla had their first attempt at bagging a marlin and came up with this beauty out of Narooma. Sean was on the rod, while the all-important Helm and camera duties were expertly handled by Camilla.  Well done guys, congratulations – great photos too!Sean_Narooma_Mariln1 Sean_Narooma_Mariln2 Sean_Narooma_Mariln3