Yesterday Chris Vickery caught this big school shark off Warrnambool.  They had a mako about 50m from the boat, it didn’t like their baits but had a good crack at their schoolie on the way up!IMG_8497 IMG_8502

Andrew Westlake with Roy, Janaka and Sam fished in 52-56m south of Julia Percy Island off Port Fairy yesterday, landing 21 school-size tuna, releasing 13 (tagged 10) all on larger skirts.  Incredible bird action.  Others fishing off Port Fairy also had similar results.11902260_1008449122520526_7529309837920512141_n

Yesterday saw more barrels caught at Portland, although plenty of boats (yours truly included) lucked out!  Another one also caught today.11947397_534489273369570_2632424486062107512_n IMG_8492 IMG_8494 IMG_8495 IMG_8496