Are the recently reported captures of Samson fish off Portland and Port MacDonnell actually Amberjacks?  Join in the discussion on our facebook page – click here

Matthew Hunt Fishing Services crew member Jason Unsworth was spooled on a 50 TW LRS by a monster this morning on board his Clayton “Lucky Last”969852_472192692871923_2040068243_n

Sean Blake got this beautiful brown trout near Warrnambool today. In beautiful condition, this big girl went back to fight another day. Nice brown

Roger Munn had a quick trip today off Port MacDonnell, heaps of tuna, kept 6 and ran out of tags by 10:30 then bottom fished for two thumper flatties 2.1kg and 1.5kg. not a bad day, heaps of tuna out there still.994168_474773602606213_45253590_n

The boys aboard Ocean Commotion did ok off Pt Mac today too. Still plenty of school bluefin in 100 meters and blueye and grenadier on the shelf as well942610_10152588370452588_1294556005_n