In less than ideal conditions this morning we took Cassius Cray out to the 40m line straight off Warrnambool, Catching a nannygai and a v small gummy. Thought we’d lost a couple of nice schoolies, or the same one twice, only to later on catch 2 separate 7-gillers each with one of our earlier hooks in its mouth. The nannygai took one of our Sandy’s IQF pilchards, and the gummy took a bit of salmon (which was caught on one of our pilchards!)


Thanks to Compleat Angler Portland we saw this report of Allan’s 7.5kg snapper caught today off the Lee Breakwall at Portland. What a sensational catch well done!



Thanks to Sean Blake for sending in this report of new Warrnambool resident Camila Martins – showing the fellas how it’s done at Toolirook, despite her net man dropping it twice!! The trout weighed 4 pounds and was taken trolling hard bodies.


Stacy Price with Nick Malseed in Nick’s 3.9m Clearwater got this 39cm Redfin today