Peter Bartlett and crew bagged out by 10:30 this morning in 160m due south off Warrnambool, enjoying no crowds with only 3 trailers at the Warrnambool ramp!1959494_10202768508388732_8881699192563984267_n

Here’s good customer Matty Carrol who skippered his boat while Matt Rawson was on the rod for an hour and a half on 24kg gear, successfully landing this barrel which went 120kg, off Apollo Bay today.IMG_5026 IMG_5027

And a couple more shots of the elation of the angler and skipper!IMG_5028 IMG_5030

Yesterday off Portland, Paul McDowall, Chris Jacobs and Ash Pilkington all caught plenty of tuna, heading to the east a little where it seems the best action was.  After an hour wait at the ramp, they had bagged out by midday.  They also lost a chunk out of an albacore to a hungry mako shark!IMG_5031 IMG_5032