On Cassius Cray today we ventured off Port Fairy in the hope of a Boxing Day mako, starting our drift in some likely looking water in 52m, ending up half-way home with the more-than-moderate South-westerly wind, along the 10km drift picking up 4 gummies up to 10.7kg cleaned, a nice morwong of 60cm and 3kg, and a dinner-plate-sized pinkie snapper.  It was great to catch up with a couple of regular contributors to our fishing report who started the day early with a drive from Torquay way, Duncan McPherson and Kev McLoughlin, who told similar stories to ours.  The Airborne crew of Adam and Colin Dobson, Cameron Ordner and angler Daniel Bennett travelled a bit further, stuck it out and got themselves a nice mako of 133.2kg – well done fellas!

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