Andrew Westlake decided to make the most of a great day and take a run off Warrnambool as well tonight.  He had Matt Boyce as the crew and they fished till 8:30 and managed this 20-plus kg Gummy.Westy

Earlier in the day, Westy took Rhooky and John Kinnersley out of Port Fairy for a good day on the water, catching 4 tuna, 2 nice gummies, cuttlefish and calamari.

Photo 26-06-13 4 24 56 PM

Jo Rowland continued his good form, this time ducking out for a fish off Warrnambool, and landing 3 gummies, a good size morwong, a decent pinky, and a large cuttlefish  (a few of these around at the moment).  They also saw plenty of tuna in 42m straight off Warrnambool.IMG_0498 IMG_0499