Sam Anderson completely outfished his dad Leigh, and skipper Ashley Dance this afternoon, with this nice 0.75kg sweep off Warrnambool.2013-11-27 15.17.29

2013-11-27 16.43.43

Aaron Mitchell and Paul Maddern also took advantage of the stunning weather, getting in for a dive off Peterborough and catching crayfish from 1.4kg to 3kg, also finding time to capture some of the scenery.578140_10152074084927065_838666387_n 943016_10152074085297065_474184179_n 1426499_10152074085167065_131507036_n 1466088_10152074084807065_1182374653_n 1470301_10152074085042065_199936671_n


Andrew Westlake and crew had another productive day off Warrnambool, fishing early this morning in 19m, catching 15 pinkies and two 42cm whiting, plus a small gummy which was released – all taken on the arrow squid they caught yesterday.2013-11-27 11.42.09

Trevor Holder, fishing 8km south off Warrnambool in 42m, caught this magnificent 28-kilogram gummy shark, with the crew also catching a couple of others too.RIMG0023 RIMG0025

Andrew Westlake and Matt Boyce had a sensational day out on the water in amazing conditions yesterday, fishing in 42m off Warrnambool, they finished with a beautiful mixed bag of gummies, squid, snapper, and Matt’s ripper flathead which was 57cm.2013-11-26 14.43.20 2013-11-26 14.48.09
Antony Ljubic got amongst the sweep between dives last night.  (Well, he caught one unlucky one anyway!)
2013-11-26 19.18.57It was a late night cook-up – here are the results from 4 divers2013-11-26 23.43.41