Dennis Heinicke, fishing out of his Seacruiser 7000HTD at Port MacDonnell, landed this magnificent 95kg, 2.050 metre tuna today, after a 3 hour fight.IMG_1120 copy

Congratulations to Luke Meli, Fishing with Adam Mason, Greg Hurst and Brad Parkinson, on this pending Victorian Record bluefin tuna out of Portland at 164.3kg, an absolute monster.  This fish, landed in 2 hours on 37kg line, was actually part of a double hook-up, the “smaller” of the two also being landed and weighing 112kg.  There were a few others caught today as well.IMG_8516 IMG_8519 IMG_8526

Nathan Jackson, with Matty Carroll, landed his first barrel today, a little further to the east.IMG_8529IMG_8530

The guys pictured below called in to our shop on Saturday afternoon for a few bags of flake ice on their way to Port Mac for a day out wide fishing with Jason Fulham on Port MacDonnell Fishing Charters.  They obviously put the ice to good use with this feed from the deep, including a nice porbeagle shark which took a bait on the way down.

IMG_8521 IMG_8522 IMG_8523 IMG_8524