Thanks to Steve Atto for sharing this report:

“News flash. SBT hooked, fought, and broke the line beside the boat after getting it to boat twice previously. Off Portland, Victoria. 200kg +. Was told this today, but waited until I could get it confirmed from two sources close to the crew. A boat fishing very wide yesterday hooked and angled until dark (Sunset) a very large (huge) SBT. These guys do know what they are talking about, and fly under the radar as they have done for a few years. The fish had a head bigger than we would be happy to catch in a SBT normally. The estimation was 200kg plus. They also landed two 40kg fish. These guys never hang around the ramp with their fish normally and have landed barrels before and not reported them. I know it may sound like BS but confirmed. Apparently they shared the hurt, and on 80’s. And these guys are suffering today.

These fish were wider than everyone else is fishing, and I believe the distance would be outside the charter guys limits.
That’s it guys, as Simon reported, these are monsters, bigger than seen caught by rec guys in the past. You wouldn’t travel this far in the average offshore boat and need to plan and prepare, but they are out there.
I won’t publize the location, nor the crew. I don’t have permission to do so, and I don’t think they want any focus on them. Can tell you two things, wasn’t me, and it’s true.”

Game On Charters bagged out on tuna again today at Portland, with really solid fish that the happy customers struggled to haul in!

Pictured here is Ash Pilkington with a tuna from yesterday off Warrnambool, and below that is one sent in from Nick Slattery from Portland over the weekend.IMG_4652