Matt & Peter Harkin, fishing off Peterborough, have this ripper snapper this morning:1011668_10152967098277588_225461056_n

Mick Mahney headed out for a couple of dives yesterday, with Quy and Jake in the morning off Killarney.  The others caught some crays and abalone, while Mick chased some fish on the spear.  He then headed out in the arvo with Aaron off Port Fairy and they got crayfish to 2kg and a couple of sweep.  A great dive where they saw salmon, whiting, sweep, and one lone rat kingfish, very exciting…2013-12-03 09.08.33 2013-12-03 09.08.39 2013-12-03 09.08.44

Geoff Verhoef got a couple of nice crays on Sunday and snuck out after work Monday for a 13kg gummy.DSCN0456 DSCN0458