This 92kg barrel was caught at Port MacDonnell today.Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 9.29.28 pm

Sean Blake caught plenty of tuna in close off Warrnambool, in 45-50 metres, a little to the east, being led by the birds and surface action and hooking plenty yesterday, while today working a little harder for them but mate Aspro landing one towards the end of the day.asprotuna seantuna

Scotty Gray has been catching a few lately!IMG_5062 copy

Portland Fishing Charters certainly had an eventful day with an unprecedented mixed bag on the troll for tuna, catching 2 yellowtail kingfish, 1 dolphinfish, 10 tuna and 6 albacore.10341614_734703953238956_5704057924466034932_n 10368249_734704056572279_2934091501312870623_n

Jason at Port Macdonnel Fishing Charters went and varied things up for his customers, landing some nice fish off the bottom, along with their tuna too.10300800_703956226328199_6939038856756065626_n 10334356_703956172994871_7668254716740497923_n

Dan Hoey of Salty Dog Charters again showed that there is just as much action to the east, with a good catch of tuna and dolphinfish today off Port Fairy.10341857_883979441628305_270422947572072554_n 10365813_883969381629311_2357803171424925625_n

Paul Ford got himself amongst the dolphinfish and tuna today, out at the shelf off Warrnambool.IMG_5065

Louis Beaton got amongst the bluefin off Port Fairy, with lots of instructions from friends!IMG_5066

Dave Magilton headed out to his usual spot off Warrnambool, out at the shelf and encountered some hungry dolphinfish as well as tuna, enjoying a well-deserved birthday fish.IMG_5058

Exciting news! Dennis Heinicke today reached a very impressive milestone aboard Shaka Zura, tagging the boat’s 1000th tuna! Dennis, his wife Kerry and various crew have worked tirelessly over a number of years to do their bit for fisheries research and to get this milestone is a very special moment indeed. We salute Dennis, Kerry and of course the good vessel Shaka Zura!! 


Yesterday saw no barrels caught off Apollo Bay, loads of bait fish being chased out of the water around all the boats by tuna zoned in on them, and a few of these tuna were landed casting small lures into the busting schools. Jackson Wilson and Joe Restall each got one on the cast, pictured below.  On Cassius Cray we also ventured out for a look at Big Reef, leaving most of the action in very close, and there was plenty of birds on the surface out there, bait on the sounder but the most we caught was in close, which was one of the garfish, and in case you’re wondering it took a small green x-rap!IMG_7053

Gerard Delaney tried something different than tuna, and the crew got rewarded off the bottom.delaney