Ashley Dance caught a ripper knife-jaw off Port Fairy today, and then on the way in the Intruder crew had no problems catching about half a dozen tuna in about 20 minutes at around the 60m mark where there was a huge amount of surface activity.IMG_5102

Brodi and Jye Dolan went off tuna fishing at Robe South Australia today, to celebrate Brodi’s 9th birthday!   What a way to celebrate by catching his first tuna!  He didn’t stop there, he landed four by himself out of 11. Lucky they weren’t much bigger!

Tyler and Deny out fished the old man today off Warrnambool!  4.4kg snapper and 4.5kg gummy – great stuff boys!10353096_10201188364349726_89078341892026946_n

Yesterday Rhooky took out Jamie Crowe and Xavier Thornton on Oceanic Phoenix and had to pull a few old tricks out to get some tuna on board in close at Warrnambool.  They didn’t go any deeper than 42 metres.  Unfortunately the surge at the boat ramp caused a few headaches at high tide.IMG_5094


Off Port Fairy, Salty Dog Charters had another great day on the tuna.1932710_887347511291498_2297178077867206937_o 10258417_887347217958194_384961659851748073_o

Aboard Port MacDonnell Fishing Charters, after catching 18 tuna, they went and also had a great session on some ripper gummies.  What a day!10300798_706353369421818_5706953806265736033_n 10389668_706353419421813_800565719636815701_n 10441295_706353476088474_4807294421992344256_n