On Cassius Cray we headed out off Warrnambool and down the coast to the east and came home with only a couple of gummies but were plagued by a few 7-gillers, draft-board sharks, port jacksons, gurnards, ling, couta, you name it – if we didn’t want it, we caught it!  Leigh caught a sizeable ling, and as he removed his hook from the mouth of the ling, found one of our KFC chicken bones that had been thrown overboard earlier!  And as if day-old KFC and being reefed up from 55m wasn’t enough, upon release the foot-long ling was promptly swallowed whole by a greedy albatross!  Not a good day for that ling, nature at its finest and cruelest!  Magnificent cruising there and back alongside the cliffs of the shipwreck coast in the calmer waters due to the fresh northerly breeze.  Had birds working near where we were anchored and saw bait-fish break the surface, but caught couta shortly afterwards so we don’t think it was tuna.IMG_7598 IMG_7603

Peter Young and Gary Millard aboard DAY RATES had a good day fishing of Port Fairy yesterday bagging 2 gummies and a 20kg schoolie also releasing 4 others.IMG_5899 copy IMG_9066 copy