The tuna were slow today in the South West Alliance Gamefishing Competition based in Warrnambool with most boats launching from Port Fairy, 1 T&R and 1 capture that didn’t make line class, but the highlight of the day was Brodie Carter and Shane Sanders 109.5 kg mako on 10 kg line. A great capture on that line class in trying conditions!!  Reports also of a couple of barrels lost in 100m at Port MacDonnell.  From Port Fairy to Portland to Port Mac there is still plenty of bait around so each day everyone’s a chance, let’s just hope they get back on the chew tomorrow!  Weather should be well and truly fishable in the closer waters, bit choppy out wider with the northerly but swell abating further from today. mako

Adam got this great bag of salmon off levy’s beach.salmon

Paul Hazlett got this nice 72 cm murray cod while on hoildays at Cohuna vic, thanks for Sharing:cod