The Graham boys with Harry Birmingham and Jeff Dimech in their Stabicraft 2050 Supercab landed this tuna in very close off Warrnambool tonight, trolling on the way home just out the front of La Bella Reef in only 19m of water!  Weighed in at 99.9kg!IMG_0073

IMG_0076 IMG_0077

Port MacDonnell over the last 3 days has seen several barrels caught and more lost, Col Sheppard pictured with his crew with their 150kg beast landed today.IMG_0575 IMG_0573

Mark Sholte also caught this one at Port Mac.IMG_0578

Portland has seen most boats catching a mixture of albacore and tuna.

Fishing locally with Andrew Westlake out at the shelf yesterday,  Greg, Paul, Janaka and Matt managed 15 small Albies and marked some promising ground. Tuna in close on the way home were flighty.IMG_0579IMG_0580

Tom fox has had a good couple of days in his Anglapro Sniper 514, catching a mixture of albacore and bottom fish off Warrnambool yesterday, and some nice snapper today.IMG_0572 IMG_0571

Luca Pagliaro, fished with Ash Pilkington out at the shelf at Port Fairy yesterday and had a good day.IMG_0570

Steve Atto had this great report of his day at Port Fairy yesterday: “Fished from Port Fairy today. Just chasing school fish. Headed straight out to the shelf. Caught three small Albies, and a big fat Blue. The day changer was when one of spin rods that had caught two Albies went off. I seen the fish surface hit the lure and thought a good SBT It was on a Saragoosa 8000 with a Saltiga Dorado trod. Meant for kings etc but not big SBT. We new we had something different when the spool nearly emptied The whole thing seamed surreal, but after organising our selves we settled to fight the fish Well after about two and half hours Ted was semi knackered so I took over on the rod. The fish was still at 40 metres (sounder kept us informed) and small rises to 30. The coloured braid showed both the gains and losses of ground. With such light gear, we struggled to lift the fish so used the boat to manuavere as best we could. We had the fish at twenty metres but couldn’t get it any closer. With the clear water, we could see the fish clear as day and not a 100 kg fish but definitely some where in the 60s, of not seventies. With no camera on board we have phone video and some action pics. Need to edit the shit off it but can post later After another hour of tug of war and the fish circling we knew the fight was a long way before it was over. The fish was not tiring so we had to Change tact. We changed back over on the rod and was getting ready to drive off and try and get the fish to tire when it made a last lunge under the boat and dragged the line across the prop It won its freedom, we were devastated. Even though we had heavy gear on board in case we seen bigger fish we were really chasing school fish I know you don’t take a knife to a gunfight but it wasn’t what we expected. Overall the gear did the job, we didn’t panic but the end result was not what we wanted. Over 3.5 hours on one fish and no where near the end was a great experience.  Plenty of fish caught out of Fairy today and it is a fantastic launch. Very pretty.”