This nicely stacked baitboard was the result from Matty Cook, his old man, and Ed, after their dive on Saturday.IMG_2176

Here are a couple more photos of the porbeagle, and bottom fish, from Southern Coast Charters’ overnight trip on the weekend.  The porbeagle was caught in 700m of water by Ben Gaut.62 kg dressed weight porbeagle 2 DSC_9098 Variety of deep species

Here are some pretty cool underwater pics of some of the sharks Kev and Ashley had around their boat on Saturday.  At one point, 2 blues (both tagged and released) and a mako which didn’t take a bait.  This along with another similar sized mako that they also tagged and released earlier, a tiny infant mako that is still swimming, and the 161kg male that was caught.10338489_479175435615076_2189832924015648030_o 10575368_479175402281746_2620868725235811108_o 12829492_479175442281742_9213766944770272682_o 12841262_479175418948411_9134770566788091524_o