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In Depth Fishing Report 9/12

December 9, 2021
It’s been a topsy turvy week of conditions, and unfortunately the forecast is for more of the same. But what has this done to the fishing results? The answer is nothing; as there has been some crack

Salty Dog shark’n

September 30, 2021
The crew aboard Salty Dog Charters Port Fairy have been catching some great shark with their customers. Both school shark and Gummy shark have been making their way into the boat.

In Depth Fishing Report 26/8

August 26, 2021
Another week of lockdown here in Victoria! The unfortunate news of a statewide lockdown over the weekend cancelled fishing plans for many. Nonetheless, there has still been a few fish caught this week

Joey’s Trout

May 15, 2021
Joey Bourke with a nice trout last weekend, walking the south-west rivers using a Daiwa Presso.  

In Depth Fishing Report 13-5

May 13, 2021
Late last week and into the weekend we were blessed with some unreal weather for all types of fishing. This in turn made for some great captures and some great memories for some. Let’s dive in and h

In Depth Fishing Report 22-04

April 22, 2021
This last week has seen some pretty dodgy sea conditions and this has restricted those to the rivers, lakes and their sheds in preparation for some decent weather. Don’t worry there is still some gr

Scholte’s Sword

April 16, 2021
Mark Scholte headed to Eastern Victoria over the Easter break and got the first swordfish out of his Stabicraft 2400.  

Barrel Season

March 4, 2021
Now that summer has officially finished and the water begins to cool back down the anglers attention will now turn to the annual run of big bluefin tuna. Now I’m no expert and haven’t actually lan

Killarney Beach Insight

February 25, 2021
On a warm summers afternoon, the Tackle Shack is buzzing with keen anglers heading out for a fish, be it off the beach or in the tinny. If you were to ask one of these anglers where they're planning t

Top tricks for the best fish photo

February 11, 2021
For many anglers, there's nothing worse than catching a massive fish only to look at the photos and it ends up looking undersized! Who's going to believe you now? A good fish photo isn't just about ma