In Depth Fishing Report 3/2

03 Feb 23
Just like that, it feels like summer is done and we return to blustery conditions and heavy rain. Luckily just before all this bad weather hit there was some nice catches recorded. Saltwater: it was a week of mako madness after some epic fishing. Nate Monaghan and Phil Hoey landed some nice Makos only a few hundred meters off the lighthouse at Port Fairy in an insane little session. The boys landed a mako each and Phil scored a good blue shark on the fly rod. Another customer was saying his brother got one also which suggests there are quite a few about in close. Another boat that had a crazy Mako bite was Marlon and 2 of his mates who scored 3, with the biggest estimated between 60-70kg. I’m sure their families would have enjoyed every bit of those fillets as they are an absolutely delicious fish to eat. Like always when there’s a few about there are always those first timers that want to have a crack at them but please do some homework before just diving straight into catching one as it can save you a trip to hospital or a new rod and reel. Portland has seen plenty of boats trolling live baits under the water tower at Town Reef. Matthew Hunt Fishing Services has been putting his customers onto some brilliant kings doing this style of fishing. Getting livies inside the harbour has been a bit tough due to the boat traffic but if you can battle it out and get a few the rewards are definitely there for the taking. Slimies, yakkas and small salmon are all a very good choice to target kings on. Still plenty of tuna about both off Port Fairy and Portland but they continue to be extremely hard to catch consistently. Poppers have been working well for some of the well tuned anglers casting at the fish rippling on the surface. Sometimes these summer fish might only give off a shimmer on the water and that’s all you need to be able to target them. Estuaries: the Glenelg River looks to be fishing well again for mulloway around the Taylor’s to Dry Creek areas. Live mullet and squid have been catching nice fish to 12lb. The bream fishing has been exceptional up on the walls with both live crab and Cranka Crabs cast right against the walls in Taylor’s Straight. Reports have been quiet on the perch scene, however they should be around the same areas as the bream. Typically this time of year the Sapling Creek area is loaded with perch that usually get caught on live shrimp and lures. The Hopkins is fishing fairly well for those using cut baits such as mullet around the bridge area. Peter Bond sent in a report with a pair of 40cm Bream caught under the bridge. I know of another angler that has been struggling to stop them on quite heavy line so there is some brutes under that bridge at the moment. Freshwater: Lake Gillear has been producing some nice redfin of late after a quiet couple of years. It’s also great to hear the amount of minnows that have been about which will only make it better. Both fishing off the bank and in boats will allow you to access these fish. Using a soft plastic skimming across the top of the weed is a great way of targeting these fish in the thick cover. Lake Bullen Merri has again been a hive of activity with some quality chinook salmon caught on pilchard cubes in a berley trail. Matt Kearton scored some nice fish up to 5lb on this technique. He said that the bite was very light and once he worked out when to set the hook it was easy. This weekend is a blow out and will be near impossible to get offshore. If you do chance it, please take extreme care. Until next week tight lines and best of luck!