Our Top 12 AFTA Picks

11 Aug 23
We've returned (and caught up on sleep) from several days at the Australian Fishing Tackle Association trade show on the Gold Coast. We've chosen our top 12 products (trust us, it wasn't easy to narrow down), and got them in a handy little shopping list for you! We should see them start to trickle into the Tackle Shack over the coming weeks as they become available. 

  • Daiwa Saltist - this extensive range of offshore rods introduces the legendary Saltist name into a value packed rod starting at $199. There's a rod for any offshore work; casting, trolling, bottom bashing, jigging and land based game, with plenty of technology packed in. 
  • Shimano Extraction - another fantastic new offshore rod range that's got tonnes of technology included. Light but incredibly strong and sensitive, these rods will be the perfect addition to your offshore rod rack. Again there's plenty of models to choose from, to suit any offshore fishing. These start at $249, great value for these high quality sticks.
  • Daiwa Bait Junkie- there's several new shapes in the Bait Junkie range which will be especially popular for light tackle anglers. The Flick is a mini 2.95" minnow with a unique tail design and lifelike eyes; perfect for local bream, perch and trout but you'll struggle to find a more versatile soft plastic to fish absolutely anywhere in Australia. The 3" Wave Minnow features a long, flowing tail with a beautiful action, again ideal for our light tackle species. Both lures come pre-scented, in a tough Elastomax material and colours designed specifically for our fish.

  • Wilson Electric Reel Battery- this fantastic innovation from Wilson Fishing will be a game changer for local deep droppers. The system features a compact lithium battery which straps to your rod, and eliminates the need for a big heavy car battery and excess cable lying on the deck of your boat. Imagine how much tidier your deck space will be when deep dropping, and how much easier it will be to be mobile when fighting a fish! Cables are available to plug into all popular electric reels so there's no need to buy a new reel.
  • Gulp! new colours - Berkley excited many soft plastic fishermen this year with the new colours available in the Gulp lineup. Traditionally Gulp lures have always had a solid colour scheme due to the composition of the material, however several of these new colours are nearly translucent and include flash. You still get the famous Gulp smell and texture which ca really turn a slow day of fishing around, but now you've got some cracking new colours in the mix too!
  • Tonic smoke frame - this stylish new frame is a real eye catcher and will initially be available in the best-selling Outback shape. Keep an eye out for them in store... and see what you're missing out on the water!
  • Daiwa Infeet Range - A real favourite of light tackle anglers, the Infeet rods are our best sellers and the new range for 2023 will excite many. Infeet becomes Infeet S and is a great entry to mid range rod, with a range from 6'10 up to 7'5. Fazlite guides, HFV Nanoplus blanks and Air Sensor reel seats are included for just $199. Infeet Z has been refreshed for a mid range rod, featuring X45X Full Shield and SVF Nanoplus blanks for ultimate sensitivity and light weight. This range spreads from 6'8 to 7'8 to cover all applications.  Finally, the Infeet EX is the top end rod for anglers who need the best of the best. These incredible rods feature SVF Compile X blanks, AGS carbon fibre guides and a comprehensive range that can't be beaten. 
  • Shimano Stradic - the Stradic name goes way back, it's been a popular mid range reel for generations. The latest iteration, Stradic FM, is by far the most advanced mid range spinning reel on the market today. Incredibly smooth and a dream to use, it remains just as well built and long lasting as previous Stradic reels. It features the ANTI TWIST FIN line management system, ensuring a seamless fishing experience free from wind knots or loose loops. The Shimano DURACROSS high-density felt washer combines smoothness with durability, while INFINITYDRIVE technology enhances line lay and casting performance. 
  • Daiwa Silver Creek lures - Daiwa's DR minnow jointed hardbody was a favourite amongst stream trout anglers before it was discontinued a couple of seasons ago. Daiwa listened and has reintroduced the lures to their lineup- now in a sinking profile better suited to stream conditions, an all Australian colour range and a number of shapes and sizes to cover all trout fishing bases. These will be killer on the Otways, Grampians and central Victorian rivers, or anglers travelling to the trout Meccas of Eastern Victoria, Snowy Mountains or Tasmania. 
  • Atomic Linez expansion - The Atomic Linez braid range has proven very popular in the Tackle Shack and we were glad to see an expansion of the range to include mono and fluorocarbon lines. Perfect for a pre-summer respool!
  • Samaki Pacemaker refresh - last but not least, the Samaki Pacemaker colour range has gone under a full refresh; but luckily or popular local tuna colours are staying. There's also a new 120mm size which is going to be deadly on the school tuna.