Tackle Shack New Products

10 Nov 22

Rods: The technology in rods these days has completely changed the way we all fish. Technology that was only available in high end rods is now available in some low to mid ranges making it more affordable for everyone to get into good quality gear. One of our newest additions has been the NS Saltwater range of stick bait rods which are available in 2 models. The 7'4 is an ideal rod for stick baiting school tuna and kingfish over the summer months, but will also be suited hanging a bait on the bottom for a gummy and snapper. The bigger brother of this model, the 7'8, is an absolute topwater delight for king fish and tuna. Being a longer rod this will allow you to cast longer distances and will also allow you to lunge with the fish if it goes under the boat. Both these models are matched with Fuji components and feature a 4 axis wrap on the blank which is designed to help with torsion and twisting. If you’re looking for a super lightweight offshore rod that is able to be cast all day, then this is the range for you. Other additions to our rod range include Daiwa’s new Infeet baitcast models that are best suited to EPs, bass and yellow belly but have also been a hit for those casting Cranka crabs into walls. Paired with a light weight baitcaster reel such as their new Tatula 70 range, they are sure to be a hit this summer for estuary and freshwater anglers. Daiwa continued to impress this year with the release of the Presso range of rods which are designed for the stream trout angler that needs a super light rod which isn’t overly long. These rods come in 2 lengths; a 5'6 for that super skinny water and a 6ft which opens up a few more options. Both come sporting a super slick looking carbon butt and Daiwa’s 'Air Sensor' reel seat. The ever evolving Atomic Arrowz range of rods has introduced some more models this year with a range of surf rods, heavier bottom fishing rods which are also available in both spin and overhead configurations. These rods are definitely up there for the best value rods on the market; especially considering they sport a crisp blank and Fuji components all for under $200. The surf rods are a little bit more at $229, but are still a very well-priced rod for the quality of gear.

Reels: Penn have brought the big guns out this year with the launch of the Authority range which is a serious piece of equipment. Not only is this reel super tough due to its metal body and side plates, but it is also housing a stainless main shaft and pinion gear which means you as an angler can go harder for longer. But this isn’t just where the features end, and it’s probably this next part that will excite most people. This reel is rated IPX8 water proof; which basically means that this reel can be left submerged for half an hour without any water getting inside the reel which is a real win for those who surf fish or are harsh on their reels. The Authority also comes in a neat case that helps keep it all together, and is very handy when traveling. Daiwa’s biggest reveal for this year is the Maverick range of saltwater spinning reels. These reels are smooth as silk and are packed full of features that you typically see on $1000 reels. The fiery Maverick features a Magsealed body, Magsealed line roller and the famous MQ body, which is a single piece body which eliminates screws and the potential of water intruding. If you’re right into your kingfish and tuna, then these reels are what you’re after. Daiwa have also just released their new range of baitrunners; the Free Swimmer. As far as bait runners go, these are as smooth as you’re likely to find and are a must for mulloway anglers or snapper in the bay. The most exciting new release of ours is the Daiwa Tanacom 1200 electric which is an update of the popular Tanacom 1000 . Stronger, faster and sporting greater line capacity than it's predecessor, the 1200 is an must have for those deep dropping. The new 1200 model also features a complete body redesign, new aluminium handle and improved screen design.