The Garmin Panoptix system has been revolutionary for anglers in estuaries and freshwater lately. Richardson Marine has seen unprecedented interest in the Panoptix system over the last month, so we decided to give you a run down on what the Panoptix system actually is, how it works, and how it can benefit your fishing.

The Panoptix System is based around an additional transducer which connects to your main unit and provides a variety of functions the standard transducer doesn’t support. The two transducers able to offer Panoptix technology are the Panoptix LiveScope LVS12 Transducer, and the Panoptix LiveScope System (LVS32) Transducer. The most popular of the two is the LiveScope System transducer (LVS32), which requires a black box to operate, but offers an extremely wide 135 degree view.

So what else do you need to run Panoptix on your boat? Obviously, you’ll need a main head unit. Any of the Echomap UHD/Ultra series, and the GPS map series, will support Panoptix. To use some features, you may need special mounts too, such as the Perspective View mounts.

Let’s take a look at just a couple of the features of Panoptix. First, perhaps the most popular, is Live Scope. Live Scope offers a clear live view, of fish or structure below your boat. It allows you to view exactly what those fish are doing at that second, almost like a camera- unlike standard down view which shows a delay time reponse. Panoptix has been a game changer for schooled up fish, or for fishing vertical structure on the bottom. Check out a neat couple of ¬†videos of Live Scope in use here, and here.

Perspective View is relatively new, being released earlier in 2020. It offers a sweeping view around the boat as the transducer is moved, looking down on the bottom and offering an extremely clear picture. The Perspective View is ideal for sounding over structure, in particular reefs, sunken boats, rock or timber piles. Check out some Perspective View footage here, and here.

Panoptix also offers several other features for front and rear views of the boat, in 3D. These include LiveVu Forward, RealVu 3D Forward, FrontVu, LiveVu Down, RealVu 3D Historical, and RealVu 3D Down, which all offer benefits in many situations. These features can be explored here.

It is also worth mentioning the competition, as many anglers are tricked into thinking the competition is as good as the original. Check out this screenshot below from a comparison video comparing Lowrance’s LiveSight technology and Garmin’s original LiveScope technology. It’s pretty obvious who has the clearer picture!

All of this can be explained and demonstrated by our in-store Garmin experts at Richardson Marine, who are more than happy to help with your Panoptix needs. Happy fishing!