A mixed bag of reports this week as things start to heat up with some welcome return species being caught and the old favourites still being targeted. Sea conditions have been relatively good this week especially in the afternoons where the wind has dropped and the sea has become a glass out in some areas.


Saltwater: the most targeted species this week has been the humble King George Whiting which is a prized table fish for anglers in the south west. Joey from our spare parts department has landed some great fish this week with one measuring over 50cm! He mentioned that him and his mate Riley tried drifting and picked up one then dropped the anchor in that spot which is where they landed the rest. This is a great way to cover ground and really pin point where the whiting are sitting in the time you’re fishing for them. These fish were caught in shallow water around the Killarney area on our fresh pippies sold in the Tackle Shack which have become a staple part of anglers arsenal down here. Not only is there whiting in the shallow water but also in the deep as Snake Blake found out who landed a 55cm fish on an 8/0 hook fishing for gummy shark. Although this is an odd capture it’s certainly not uncommon with the last couple years there being more and more caught by accident out there. Nevertheless Snake wasn’t disappointed with it and had to share it with his wife. Along with these beautiful tasting fish there has also been an influx of small snapper that have been pinching baits left right and centre. Although they are a great fish for kids and new anglers to hone their skills on they can become a pest when you start going through lots of baits. What some people do is put a small strip of squid on the hook after the pippies to help keep them on the hook when the pickers are around. The best part about these smaller fish coming into the shallows is that the bigger fish will be in with them too very shortly so you just have to fish through the junk to get to the treasure. There is still a steady stream of gummy shark and school shark offshore also with squid being the best bait fished on Black Magic Snapper Snacks and Gummy Snatchers. Depth in which these tasty critters are being caught in have varied from 70m right down to 35m so moving around until you find a patch is vital. After a pretty dismal winter on the salmon front there has been some great fish caught recently as Mick Bickers found out fishing one of his honey holes on Monday. Him and his mate landed some great fish to around the 3kg mark which are usually a winter run of fish but with seems as though there is a steady stream of bigger fish coming through late.


Estuaries: the Curdies river is firing on all cylinders for the bream fishing as Daryl Richardson found out fishing cut mullet down in the lake at Peterborough during the week. Richo mentioned the amount of weed down there at present along with the subtle bites that the fish were doing sometimes so paying attention to your rod tip and the direction of your line is vital at the moment. A few anglers are starting to get lots of fish on blades in the river itself which seems to have settled after the recent rain events. One other estuary that has well and truly benefited from the recent flood waters has been the Hopkins which has been producing some great fishing for bream and estuary perch. Allansford held their second competition back after the covid break where they had a great turn out and some decent fish caught. David “splinter” Hall landed the biggest fish of 1.24kg and also heaviest bag fishing with Gary Devereux  landing 5 bream for 4.27kg. In the female section it was Keira Gordon who landed a nice 719g fish who took out the prize and in the junior section Jonah Maher landed a 1.175kg bream to take that out. Kurt Howard landed the heaviest other fish with a perch weighing 662g. Another club that held a comp on Sunday was Koroit and District Angling club where the heaviest fish for a male was Brent Bishop with a bream of 1.094kg. Trevor Richardson got the heaviest bag which weighed 3.2kg and in the ladies section Angela McNaughton caught the heaviest weighing 830g. The heaviest fish for a junior was by Sophie McCosh with a very nice 1.067kg bream caught from the bank. The Warrnambool and District Angling club will hold their annual Denny Chapman perch comp on the 28th and 29th of November. This competition is sponsored by the Glenelg Hopkins CMA who have donated $250 cash for the heaviest perch caught and released which is a great prize. Entries will be taken before the start which is at 6pm on the Saturday at the club rooms. Weigh in will begin at 8am on the Sunday morning.


Freshwater: Lake Purrumbete seen some great redfin being landed over the weekend by anglers fishing minnows down deep. One angler landed a beast of a fish that measured near 60cm in length! This was one of many great fish that were taken by those anglers sitting over the big schools. There has been some nice fish taken by those walking the banks along Purrumbete as Don Swayn found out landing some nice redfin just before dark and a nice Tiger trout. Worms has been the standout bait for doing this due to the fish being right up in the shallows looking for this type of food. Believe it or not snails are also a great bait for trout when they are in the shallows and can be found on the weed beds around the lake itself.


Some strong winds forecast for this weekend will put most fishing on hold so it might be a good time to check what gear you need for the upcoming season and stock up at the Tackle Shack. Until next week tight lines and best of luck