With only a week until Christmas the many diehard locals are giving it one big crack before the holiday makers disperse across the state. One species is being targeted more than most due to their nature of being gun shy when lots of boats start driving over the top of them.


Offshore: some sweltering heat and flat seas were a welcome sight for those who have been waiting to target king fish along our coast and these couple of days didn’t disappoint. Mick Allardyce and his good mate Danny got stuck into some cracking top water fish over at Northshore at Portland. Although these fish have been there for quite some time now their captures have been kept really quiet but with more boats and anglers now onto them it’s become no secret. Lady Julia Percy Island hasn’t seen any action as yet but it’s not without effort of those having a go. There is plenty of live bait there to get them interested but the kings just aren’t there yet so it might be a later bite. The thing that anglers are looking for is the pockets of warmer water which is where the kings will be as they love the warmer water. Anywhere above 17 degrees is well worth a look especially if the water is nice and clear. Sluggos, stick baits, small skirts and squid strips trolled slowly behind the boat have all been the stand out techniques so far. One other technique to try is trolling live squid especially due to the numbers of squid inshore at present. Using live bait hooks such as the Owner Gorilla or the Black Magic GZ will give you a great hook up rate and also the power to turn the rampaging king fish away from the reefs. Our summer run of tuna have turned up in full flight with some nice fish caught and some jumbos lost. Jason Taylor was one of those unlucky anglers who lost a big fish while chasing school tuna and kings. Casting with a 5000 size spin reel Jas was soon connected to a rampaging submarine stripping line off in the opposite direction. After a mammoth battle lasting 8 hours the fish was lost with them estimating at well over 100kg after sighting the fish multiple times during the fight. One angler who did manage to land a tuna was Oscar Adorno with a 17kg fish taken at North Shore at Portland. These fish are very spooky still but should definitely become more feisty and aggressive later in the season. On the crayfish scene they haven’t been the best at the start of this season especially for those drop netting for them. Those who are getting in the water and diving for them have come home with the goods as they can hunt them out of their crevices and haunts. Plenty of sweep have also been sighted by those diving and fishing off the rocks.


Estuaries: the Hopkins River bream have gone on holidays the last week and have made things very difficult to find consistent fishing especially for those casting lures. The plagues of Estuary Perch have well and truly made up for this though as I found out last Friday night while fishing with good mate Michael Hunt. We landed in excess of 20 perch in an hour below the Hopkins bridge on a variety of Daiwa Bait Junkie minnows in the Yabby colour and Jackall Squirrels in the Noike Gill colour. We noticed that the fish were mixed in with the kelp weed that pushed in during the night on high tide. As soon as we found these clumps of weed we weren’t far off getting a fish on. The Glenelg River has started producing the odd Mulloway to 17lb on bait and lures around the Taylors straight area. Bream and Perch have also been frequenting the net of those making the trip over. If you are making a trip over to the Glenelg please note that the boat hire and bait shop is closed due to a dispute over a new building which shouldn’t even become an issue. This has been a great part of the town and is a dam shame that it has come to this. Hopefully the powers to be have a flash of common sense and we can see them operating sooner rather than later. Another estuary that has fired has been Yambuk as Peter White and as he calls him his fishing coach Barry Johnson found out during the week. The boys landed some great healthy fish on vibes and soft plastics fish in the deeper sections. Whitey mentioned that the mouth is well and truly closed also which is my favourite time to fish as the bream move up into the edges and begin feeding heavily.


We have some great fishable weather on the weekend that should allow anglers to get out and target plenty of pelagics and bottom fish ready for the Christmas table. If you’re like me and leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute then come into the Tackle Shack and get that special someone the perfect gift today. Until next week tight lines and best of luck.