The offshore anglers were blessed by brilliant conditions to get out wide over the weekend with minimal swell and light winds. Those that did venture out made the most of it fishing in all depths for bottom fish and the jumbo tuna off the top. But it wasn’t just the offshore anglers who took advantage of these great conditions with the Hopkins and Lakes full of anglers keen to hook a monster.


Offshore: the many offshore anglers who have been hanging for some decent weather definitely made the most of the past few days with some quality fish taken. Luke Smith and a couple of his mates ventured out wide in search of some Striped Trumpeter or Tassie Trump as they are also known. The boys landed 2 quality Trumps off Warrnambool which have made for some brilliant feeds for their families. To chase these fish it’s a bloody long way out there and you need to have a reliable and efficient engine like the Suzuki 4 Strokes that we sell at Richardson Marine. Gone are the days of having to take Jerry Cans just to make it home. Now with the lean burn technology that is available in most of their models from 9.9hp onwards they provide incredible fuel usage without lacking the power to get you out of any situation. Phil Pirotta and Amanda Pirotta headed out Monday in search of Gummies and Snapper. They were lucky enough to get a couple of Gummies and a great Nannygai weighing 1.34kg which is a pretty serious fish for this species. A relatively small species that rarely get over a kilo they are becoming more common than ever in our waters. The colder months mean 1 thing for Salty Dog Charters Port Fairy and that’s shark fishing in deeper water. Dan and his crew specialise in this style of fishing that not many other charter operators do because of the ground work you need to do before you try take clients out there. Over the weekend the crew put their customers onto some brilliant bottom fishing landing some big Gummy Shark and School Shark along with quality Snapper and a heap of Nannygai in a red hot session. This is a pretty common scenario for the customers on board the Salty Dog boat this time of year.

Inshore, there have been mixed reports on the salmon. Some anglers are finding them, whilst others have been struggling. Port Fairy East Beach has had some good fish turn up, whilst Killarney is still the mot popular area. 40/60g metal slugs and small stickbaits have been the choice of the successful anglers.

Inland: The lakes were the place to be this week as the heavy rainfall in the area filled the rivers beyond the brim. Lake Purrumbete was a popular destination over the weekend. A few good sized brown trout were landed to 9lb, all casting and trolling hardbody minnows. In our boat we managed plenty of redfin taken jigging on the south end of the lake in 8-15m of water. Vibes and jigs took all of our fish. Plenty of chinook salmon were also caught, mostly while casting the edges. Ben Woolcock nailed a good fish around 2kg. The Hopkins estuary is holding a few bream and perch but fishing is tough due to low water temperatures, muddy water and reasonable current. The mouth is quite open with lots of freshwater heading out to sea. If you’re looking for a bream, the ski run is the best area for boat anglers. Use your sounder and fish slowly over the marked fish with blades, or a bait with strong scent to attract in the muddy waters. Landbased you’d be best trying calmer areas around Lyndoch. A few fish have been reported from the Fitzroy, mostly bream. Yambuk still has an algae problem but hopefully this will flush out following the rains. One angler reported a trip over last Friday, only landing one solid bream for a few hours lure casting. The rivers in the freshwater reaches are quite discoloured with plenty of run off from the paddocks. The Merri is almost at a fishable height, whilst the Hopkins and Mt Emu creeks are too high to fish currently and will likely remain that way for a week at least, possibly longer depending on further rainfall. Once the rivers drop we should see some great fishing for fat brown trout.

The weather this week is quite up and down, but the weekend doesn’t look terrible so we hope to see you out there!