Well after a couple of weeks off thanks to another lockdown I’m back and into it here at the shop, and the hype of being able to fish has been felt through both sides of the business. There has been some great fish caught so let’s dive in and check it out!

Saltwater: the salmon fishing at Killarney has been nothing short of insane this past week with fish averaging 2kg and the odd bigger one over 3kg. Anglers are switching from conventional methods with metal lures and are now casting small stick baits that allow them to cast further and not look as threatening to the salmon. Fish Inc Winglets (which are a 42g small stick bait, measuring only 87mm) have been the standout option of late. The beauty of these is they are made out of zinc which allows them to be ultra-small but still able to cast long distances when the school is sitting out the back of the breakers. Using a rod with a fast action about the 7-9ft mark will allow you to cast these lures far away with little effort needed. Using a 20-30lb leader is sufficient for these fish, and will help you put some extra bit of hurt on them due to the seals that have been herding them up lately. On the offshore scene plenty of anglers have been taking advantage of fishable conditions, coming up trumps on some tasty critters from both deep and shallow water. Nate Monaghan landed 9 gummy sharks fishing in approximately 60m of water. Not big sharks, but a great feed never the less. Speaking of great eating fish Luke Smith and Xavier Ellul fished the shelf on Tuesday for a big bag of Blue Eye Trevella. The boys landed 15 in a great session that filled the freezers for a while that’s for sure. There are still reports of school shark causing havoc for those fishing the shallower water around the 50-70m. Schools of rock ling have also been annoying anglers and once found, these slimy little critters are found in plague proportions and can cause a very costly day on the bait side of things. Fishing tougher baits such as squid and strip baits will ensure you don’t go through as much bait as if you were using soft baits such as pilchard and blue bait. Tuna reports are scarce but I think the more anglers and boats on the water this should paint a better picture on whether or not there is anything about.

Estuaries: the Hopkins River has seen some great captures of both bream and estuary perch this past week and they look to be wide spread throughout the system. Sticks Johnson and Peter White got stuck into some great fishing recently using Strikepro vibes and soft plastics fished through the schools of fish that could be easily seen on the fish finder. Sticks landed a beautiful perch about 45cm on a Strikepro Astro Vibe. Greg Hart has also been nailing some nice perch using soft plastics and hard bodies cast to the edges. Reports have come in of a big school of mulloway sitting up near Kinnear’s Reef with loads of big fish stacked on the bottom in deep water. This is a go to area for those who target mulloway in this system and has certainly produced the goods multiple times. Speaking of mulloway, the Glenelg River has seen some monster fish been caught over the past week on hard bodied lures and live mullet. These fish are also stacked tightly on the bottom but if you can get your lure right in the sweet spot you’ll be well and truly in with a shot at a fish of a lifetime. Fish to 27lb have been landed on live baits this week and there seems to be multiple schools throughout the system so there’s certainly plenty for everyone to have a go. When these fish are in the system take no chances with light leaders and beef them up to as much as 50lb so when you hook that fish of a lifetime, you’ll have plenty of pulling power. On the bream and perch side of things there are plenty of fish around the Caves area which can be targeted on both baits and lures. Crabs cast into the rock walls and live shrimp flicked into the deeper water are the two preferred baits recently. If you plan to throw lures around then you can’t go past the Cranka Crabs for the bream on the rock walls. You will see the odd perch eat a crab if they are on the walls too which some see as a surprise, but since the arrival of Crankas it’s a more common sight each session.

Freshwater: Trout have been prolific this past week and are providing plenty of options for anglers to target them. The Hopkins and Merri are beginning to clear up after having some filthy flood water make it’s way down due to high rainfall. Skeeta Andrews landed a beautiful 3kg brown trout out of the Merri casting hard bodied lures. Allistar Bourke has also been landing some cracker fish fishing his trusty Smith Panish and Zipbait Rigges. Fishing bigger lures this time of year isn’t a silly idea and will more than likely entice a bite from a bigger fish. Using a bigger lure will make a silhouette in the dirty water and stand out more to trout especially. When using these bigger lures a heavier leader is a must, as if you hook a fish, more than likely it will be a proper one and can end in disaster if using lighter leaders. Start off with 8lb and decide on whether or not it needs to be heavier as you go. Koroit Angling Club held a competition on the Merri over the weekend with Steve Moloney taking out top spot with 2 trout weighing 2.84kg combined. In the juniors it was a McNaughton clean sweep with Noah winning biggest fish for a junior and his brother Seth taking out heaviest bag with some nice salmon. Their next competition will be held this Sunday at Lake Bolac starting at 9am.

With another dodgy weekend on the forecast it’s going to be difficult to get any offshore fishing in so we might be confined to the lakes and rivers. Until next week tight lines and best of luck.