This week we’ve seen a few hot days come along which have bumped up those water temps just a little further. Plenty of great variety has also been seen amongst catches locally. So what’s been happening?


This week has seen the opening of the rock lobster season, a time keenly anticipated locally. While opening day offered rubbish conditions, Mick Mahney did get out in the 40 knot westerlies and get a nice one. Over the last few days the weather has improved and more crays have come in. Squid have been a hot target this week, mostly at Killarney off the beach but also over in Portland Harbour area. The point past the Killarney ramp has been the pick of spots, with no particular jig colour working from reports. The leopard shrimp Fish Inc Egilicious in a 3.0 is our pick of jig for this area. Whiting and pinkies, as well as a few trevally, have been taken off the same reefs by tinny anglers.  Try flasher style rigs with a bit of fresh pipi for bait, and drift until you find the fish. Once you’ve found a patch of whiting, burley on the spot on anchor. A school of very large salmon has reportedly been hanging out the back of the reef at Killarney, and ventured into the beach quickly last week. Still no reports of kingfish or tuna, despite plenty of eyes on the water. Plenty of bait and life out there, but no tuna yet.


The Hopkins has continued to fish very well this week, from the mouth right up to the freshwater. Bream and perch, as usual, form the bulk of catches. The high tide down the front of the river is a good bet for a few of either, fishing 2.5″ soft plastics or fresh worms. At this time of year, hardbodies are always worth a cast too, with shallow cranks, or deep minnows like the Daiwa Spike or OSP Dunk worthwhile. A nice mulloway was taken this week by Luke Smith and Brody Couch, on a Z-Man plastic upstream of Jubilee. A mulloway was also reported from the lower Merri last week, as the mouth has deepened following the floods. This should allow a few fish to move in to this river much easier than previously.


The trout have been on the go this week with a few taken from the rivers. The Hopkins and Merri still have a bit of colour in the water, but that often means good fishing. Tim Vincent got one at 62cm casting the Hopkins, and Xavier Ellul also got one of 53cm from the same river. The perch have been slow in the freshwater but there is a couple around despite being early in the season. Mick Malone got an awesome double locally with a 40cm+ estuary perch and redfin, a nice combo for sure! The crater lakes have had fairly low numbers of reports this week, however there’s still plenty of time to get a few Bullen Merri salmon or trout before the summer heat hits. Purrumbete’s famous redfin will be continuing to fish better as we move further into the warm months.