This last week has seen some pretty dodgy sea conditions and this has restricted those to the rivers, lakes and their sheds in preparation for some decent weather. Don’t worry there is still some great captures to report so let’s get stuck into it.

Estuaries: the Hopkins River has really fired up this past week for anglers targeting bream right throughout the river. Some great water quality has been seen down the bottom section below the ski run and this has really fired up the fish. Anglers like Allistar Bourke have been getting some great fish casting soft plastics and Daiwa Infeet Cranks along the shallow flats around the bridge all the way to the mouth. There have been some exciting captures of Mulloway also from unsuspecting anglers targeting bream and perch. Although we don’t get the numbers of fish in places such as Nelson we certainly have a good run of fish in the system at present. Most of the fish that I have seen have been from 75cm to 100cm which is all the fun you can want in the river. The other exciting part of these captures is that they have been wide spread from the bottom of the river all the way to Toorum Stones. This just shows that there are fish staying in the system and not just using the tides to come and go out the mouth after a feed. Here’s hoping that they continue to come in on the high tides and make anglers day for a while yet. The Glenelg River is fishing tough at the moment with what seems to be a coral spawn in the middle section of the river around the Princess Margaret Rose Caves area with a orange to brown colour of water sitting on the surface. I fished there this weekend just gone and couldn’t find fish let alone catch any in this section. From Donovan’s to Cats and Dogs there are huge numbers of Mulloway and Bream sitting in the middle of the river but getting them to eat is another story. Brandon and Ray Dorman caught some nice fish to 90 odd cm’s on Saturday on squid and salmon fillets at the Isle of bags at Simpsons landing. The bottom is fishing very tough due to the most Kelp weed that I have ever seen there blocking most of the river. I heard of some heartbreak stories where anglers have got the hook up on Mulloway only to have the wrap around a pile of weed and bust the line. Unfortunately there isn’t much that you can do when this happens so you just need to keep fishing through it.


Freshwater: finally what the freshwater anglers have been waiting for has started to happen and that is the trout around the south west have begun to fire up. The Merri River has fished well for trout  and the odd big redfin. Phil Pirotta landed a great redfin on the weekend trolling a Tassie Devil. Now that the water is clean we should see some more great redfin being caught by those braving the cold. Unfortunately when you’re cold the trout really get active so put on your beanies and coats and give it a crack. Lake Purrumbete has again fished well for redfin and chinook salmon by those casting jigs and using pilchard cubes down a berley trail. Cricket scores of redfin have been landed lately in 30ft of water which is why fish finders play a massive role in finding these schools and targeting them accurately.

With what seems as though this weekend will again make it tough for most boats to head offshore I would expect most if not all the action to come from the rivers and lakes again. If you’re heading out and catch a good fish send a picture into and we will use it on our Facebook and website and also in the paper next week. Until next week tight lines and best of luck.