There has been a steady flow of reports this week which is encouraging given the weather of the past couple days. Tuna have been finicky while the local trout fisho’s have been getting some great fish already.


Saltwater: mixed reports on the tuna front this week with most anglers mentioning the difficulties faced to try get them to eat. Some days you can throw the kitchen sink at them and you still won’t turn a reel and lately we have heard this on most occasions. There has been some instances where they will just climb all over any lure that you want to throw or troll at them. Phil Pirotta had one of these days after work where they just want to eat and eat which seen him land a fair few fish both casting his favourite Madscad 115 and trolling smaller skirts. He then went out the following afternoon and didn’t turn a reel and that is why anglers love chasing them. Rhookie also had a great late session during the week landing some nice fish trolling hard bodies and small skirts. Many anglers were gearing up for the 2021 Garmin Marine South West Victorian Game Fishing Tournament but the committee has postponed it due to unpredictable weather forecasts. The reserve weekend of April 10th and 11th will be the new dates so get together with a group of mates and test yourself against some of the best in the state. In other saltwater reports the king George whiting have been fishing well but like the tuna they are hit and miss some days. Even though the numbers aren’t quite there at the moment the size has been consistent with some fish around the 45cm keeping anglers happy. Our fresh pippies at the shop have been walking out the door lately and have accounted for most of the whiting along our coast. The beauty of the ones we get is that you can get up to 3 baits out of one shell due to their size. Base your efforts around a turn of the tide which is what the whiting really like and find a patch of weed with a sand patch which you can either cast into or along the front of the weed bed. Berleying will bring those fish to you and it’s just up to you then to make sure you convert the bites.


Freshwater: the local trout anglers and danglers have been walking the banks of both the Hopkins and Merri Rivers in search of brown trout and they have not been disappointed. One of these locals who have been putting in the hard yards is Alistair Bourke who has been landing some great fish casting hard bodies. His weapon of choice lately has been the new Daiwa Presso 95 and 60 in both the Sunny Gill and Matte Gold Pup colours. The 95 Presso is a reincarnated TD Minnow which was and still is one of the most productive lures for South West  trout ever made. Where these lures will come into their own is when this water starts to flow and really dirty up. In the fast flowing water these bigger lures really hold well in the water and can be still worked even with more current. The smaller of the two are great for the slower flowing water or this time of year when the water is clear and the fish still aren’t on the chew properly. Varying your retrieve is well worth doing too as you might do a more vigorous retrieve and get the fishes attention that has been holding off having a go at the lure. A good pair of polarised sunglasses is essential when fishing for trout because it will allow you to pinpoint casts to cruising fish and likely looking structure.


Estuaries: the Curdies River has unfortunately seen some blue green algae move upstream from the lake section after a few weeks of South Easterly winds. Upstream from Boggy Creek has been great despite the algae. Anglers casting shallow suspending hard bodies into the tons of snags and reeds have been catching some great bream and perch in the early morning. If casting lures isn’t your thing then try using local shrimp fished as light as you can and flick those into the edges of the bank. The Hopkins River will be a hype of activity this weekend as the Vic Bream Classics series hits town for the opening round of the 2021 series. Currently there is 39 boats registered from all over the state and some from inter state also making the journey to our little iconic river. Teams of 2 anglers will fish from 7-2 with the aim of catching the biggest 5 fish limit on both the Saturday and Sunday. Weigh ins will be out the front of BCF starting at 2pm. From all reports the fishing last week was good with some great fish caught in the Vic Yak Hunters competition on last Sunday. Local river rat Jon Clisby took the event out with some great fish along with Grant Hocking who finished in 3rd position.


Easter is just around the corner and so is Warrnambool and District Anglers Clubs 2021 Easter fishing competition held next weekend. Fishing will begin on Saturday at 10am and will conclude on Sunday at 12pm. Some excellent prizes for all categories which includes everyone in your family. Get along and take part in this event and you never know you might trump everyone! For more information contact the club via their Facebook page.


Steady wind this weekend should be a welcome sight for the estuary anglers but not so much for offshore anglers. Still some crews planning a shot at the tuna so stay tuned for more reports next week. Until next week tight lines and best of luck.