Calm seas in the morning has excited the saltwater anglers this past week, and some have taken full advantage of the conditions by catching some quality fish. The Glenelg has also fished well for mulloway so there is plenty of options for everyone.


Saltwater: The Oosthuizen family had a fantastic weekend fishing out of Portland in some brilliant conditions. Kingfish were the main target and they didn’t disappoint, with some quality fish being taken on the troll using small skirts such as the Colorato Lures 3D Print range in white. Along with the kings, they also landed some nice school tuna on the same lures. One thing that many are discovering is that the tuna are still very spooky and disappear even when the boat is 100m away. If that’s the case, try turning off your engine up drift of their direction and put long casts in with either a soft plastic or a small stick bait. One way of getting the tuna active on the surface is the use of a spreader bar, such as the Bonze range. The combination of colour and surface noise will bring the fish up from deep water to investigate the commotion. You can either rig this up with a skirt on the back of the spreader or you can simply place a trolled skirt close to the spreader bar, which will cause less drag on the outfit and fatigue on the angler. If you’re running light line, the second option will be best for you. Some fantastic crayfish have been taken, both in our region and just over the border in South Australia. Adam Sims and Matt Preston are two anglers who’ve been doing well on the Port Mac crays. Both of these guys own Stabicraft 2250s, and are using pot pullers which have been fitted to their vessels. Pot pullers make light work when lifting the heavier pots that South Australian anglers are allowed to use, and certainly beats winching by hand! Adam also landed a bigeye thresher shark fishing off the shelf along with some tasty pink ling and school shark. Closer to home the whiting have been fishing well for those putting in the time around the change of tide. Killarney, the breakwater and Portland have all been producing some quality fish mostly on pippies. There are some big salmon again at Killarney as Richard Beggs and his sons found out on Monday whilst searching for tuna. Casting small stick baits and metal slices at the big patches of fish on the surface allowed the boys to land a few. You’ll have no issues finding a squid on the inshore reefs at the moment as well; Portland Harbour and the Killarney reefs would be the two most productive spots of late. Port Campbell jetty is also a hotspot for calamari.

Estuary: Nelson on the Glenelg River has fished well this past week, especially down in the bottom section. Dean Unwin from the River Vu Caravan Park took a happy camper out trolling live mullet, where he got his first 3 mulloway around the Flat Rock area. This is a common area to find fish this time of year especially after the decent tides the river has seen after dark. The biggest issue is the boat traffic at this time of year, but if you can get there early enough, you’re well and truly in with a shot at some red hot fishing. Fishing along the shacks upstream of Nelson has proved productive too, with Buck Saunders experiencing some action casting unweighted Ecogear pink grubs into the shadows underneath these structures. Buck managed to extract some nice fish to 38cm; although this style of fishing can often prove frustrating as the fish do have the upper hand with close cover! The Hopkins has been fairly quiet this week. Most anglers have struggled to find quality fish, due to intense boat traffic and fishing pressure. As the holidays come to a close we should slowly see the big fish come out from hiding. At this time of year, lure anglers will be best to fish shallow, especially in the evenings, with unweighted soft plastics, surface lures or shallow jerkbaits. Bait anglers will find unweighted baits, again fished shallow, to be most successful.

Freshwater: If you’re after a freshwater fix over the coming weeks, Lake Purrumbete has again produced some fantastic summer trout for anglers both casting and trolling. Brown trout over 8lb and tiger trout to 6lb have been caught in recent days. Purrumbete is known as a fantastic year-round fishery due to it’s impressive depth (over 50m), which helps cool the water even on the warmest of days. The trout have been smelting on the surface in low light conditions, so try focus your fishing around sunrise or sunset. A trip to Purrumbete should also include some redfin fishing; you’ll often find these fish amongst the weedbeds lining the shore, or on the inside of the drop offs. Reddies to 45cm have been caught; fishing vertically with live minnow, or casting soft plastics will always produce a few redfin at Purrumbete. Further north, both Rocklands Reservoir and Lake Fyans have been fishing well for redfin. A few golden perch have also been taken out of Rocklands. The Wimmera River about 40 mins north of Rocklands has been fishing quite well for golden perch as well. Tim Vincent landed a few to 45cm last weekend casting spinnerbaits and crankbaits in the skinny, snaggy water below Horsham.

Looking ahead at the forecast there’s a week of mostly mid strength easterlies; no issues for fishing estuaries. If you’re looking to hit the salt, Friday and Monday will be the best picks at this stage. It’s never Saturday or Sunday with the best weather it seems! Best of luck.