Bardup’s maiden drop netting trip today off Port Fairy with Goody, Jan and Jan senior. They managed to bag out with the two biggest Crays going an impressive 3.25kg & 2.25kg.IMG_1322 copy

Chris Searle and Greg Willox had an approx 4.5m visitor boatside off Port Campbell today. It hung around for half an hour before it started to get agro, denting the back of the boat and having a chew on the motor, and they decided it might be time to move away!mms_img1910377181

Ed and the crew aboard the Seacruiser 6300HT got a good bag today.FullSizeRender

Luke Smith, with Marco, Alex and Anthony, had a big day out in the deep with a ripping bag of solid pink ling, and 2 makos caught within half an hour of each other, one of which was released, estimated at about 80kgs.3409_1095159463827391_6070101954913762968_n 10168156_1095159400494064_5204263103167168734_n 1964946_1095159430494061_4790476953407257105_n 10579995_1095159543827383_4635434456538624857_n 1462933_1095159503827387_3340636175561417788_n

Frank Galea went in search of a mako as well, raising 7 blue sharks of which one was caught and released, the others left alone as they are not as good eating or fighting.12377863_10205091926329118_7619863297270045677_o

Wayne Domaschenz caught this mako shark in 40m just out the front of Warrnambool.1891122_854820491282610_3639439453922478891_n

Salty Dog Charters at Port Fairy found a school of tuna again on one of their eco tours and couldn’t help but put some lures out!9549_1270494032976842_1817052914033004700_n

Tyson Halliday and Jason Magilton had a good day on Dec 24th off Warrnambool, with 3 gummies, 1 schoolie, 1 snapper, 1 morwong and 1 arrow squid.IMG_2922 copy